Escape room

2-8/ From 10 years
60 min.
Not scary
A fun and perky quest takes place in the vast territory of the park in the fresh air using gadgets.
Strange things happen in Zootropolis. Civilians began to disappear.
To unravel the case was entrusted to a young policeman Hare Judy Hops and her nimble team. The nimble fox Nick Wilde will help you.
Mrs. Wydrington was first found, but her tongue is confused and she speaks in some riddles.
You have to find all the victims and find out what happened.
To determine the track, you will need telephones with the Internet and a QR code scan program, as well as attention and fast legs))) After all, the territory is not a comic whole PARK.
Team for the game:
night game + UAH 300
Quest from category: Not scary
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