Escape room
Notes possessed

Zaporizhia, Gogol street 81
2-6/ From 16 years
60 min.
According to the archives of the KGB of the USSR "" top secret "." Case No. 234-02.
The investigative department of the Zaporizhzhya regional administration of the KGB.
On May 27, 1989, the family of the USSR KGB colonel V.V. Lagutin, who lived in this room, disappeared without a trace. An investigation team is working on the spot; no visible traces of violence were found. Co-workers say that the colonel kept a diary in which he described in detail everything that happened to him. But only a few pages were found. A week later, the investigator who was engaged in this strange case committed suicide.
You have to find out what happened on that day - May 27, 1989.
Can you find all the parts of the diary, compile a chronology of events and find out where the colonel’s family disappeared?
At the same time, you will have to face those fears and horrors from which the unfortunate investigator went crazy ...
You have only an hour to uncover the secret of the room and get out of it, otherwise, you will remain in it forever .... "
Team for the game:
This quest only works on an advance payment of $ 100 (transfer actors).
After booking, you must contact the quest administrator to clarify the details and details of the prepayment payment.
If the game was not confirmed by phone and the prepayment was not paid, then the game is automatically canceled!
In case of cancellation of the game, the advance payment is not refundable.
Quest from category: Terrible
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