Escape room
Wrong turn

Zaporizhia, Prosp. Soborniy, 60
1-5/ From 11 years
60 min.
Slight fright
Interesting adventure quest with a variety of puzzles and puzzles. A great choice for experienced and novice teams. This quest successfully conquered Kiev, and now it has become available for players in Zaporozhye. Turning the wrong way is one of the most technologically advanced, challenging and exciting quests in the city. The task of your team is not just to get out of the room, but to manage to avoid a collision with the leader of the biker gang. You and your friends are inventive, resourceful, lovers of fooling around and making fun of each other. At one point, your friends are giving you a real challenge. After another party, you wake up, and around the darkness. A little search around the room you find a switch, turn on the light and see that you are in the garage of one of the members of the biker gang “Route 66”. For a long time already at noon and soon the owner will come for his bike, and obviously will not be happy for uninvited guests. You have about an hour to get through a secret hole and not to be caught.
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Team for the game:
The base cost is indicated for 4 player , the extra charge for each following player is 150 UAN, the maximum number of players - 5.
Quest from category: Slight fright
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